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Intentional Ignorance

November 6, 2012

I wrote this essay to offer some essential information about our world and the future of our species, adding my voice to the many cries of alarm over the environmental crisis (lately reaching criticality). [More…]

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Making a Difference

From Design with Nature to Carbon Fee and Dividend

Throughout the last 46 years, I read (and wrote) a lot of words, heard (and gave) a lot of speeches on the environmental crisis, the energy crisis, and climate change.

It is true that a lot has been done to reverse the trend of environmental degradation around the world. Major legislation was passed, like the National Environmental Policy Act of 1970. Additional laws were written, better to regulate polluting and other destructive practices, fuel efficiency standards have been made more strict, a lot of habitats and species have been protected, and the growth of energy conservation and renewable energy technology has been remarkable.

Problem is, these have proven not to be sufficient. They are not of a scale that can really reverse the destructive trend. It is as if humanity continues, systematically to take apart the life-support systems of the planet, almost as if we intended to do so. The conclusion is clear: Words alone are not enough.

More is needed

Last year I discovered Citizens’ Climate Lobby (CCL). This year I joined and got active.

What I like about CCL is that it is on the ground, actively lobbying the people that matter—our elected officials in Washington. I also learned that the most important and most powerful people in a democracy are not the wealthy influencers, the paid lobbyists, nor the politicians themselves.

Those with the power are the people themselves, the electorate—you, me, and all our friends and colleagues.

In my opinion, the principles and approaches offered by CCL are the best chance we have to really make significant positive change in the way humans interact with the planet, beginning with a halt to the  accelerating climate change at the hands of humans.

In addition to giving slide presentations in my community on environmental issues, I have added a new section to this blog, The Future of Humanity.

In the left margin are several sections with additional content beyond the main entries, the periodic articles posted. The most recent of those are listed under the heading “Recent Posts”. There is also another section called “Pages.” In that you can find the following links:

  • “McCluney 2016 Slide Shows & Links” is the main new addition, containing:
    • Links to a series of 5 brief slide shows, sections of a longer one I have been continually revising and presenting when invited
    • A link to an essay, “Some Political Aspects of the Environmental and Energy Crises” that summarizes the history of democracy in America, some important principles on which that democracy stands, and the perversions that can creep in over time and which have resulted in serious losses of liberty and freedom in some older societies, with examples provided. It also describes the insurgency into U.S. democracy of “fake news,” “fake science,” and science denialist offshoots that are beginning to damage the American democracy, as well as several others across Europe.
    • A link to another related essay, “Anti-Science and Anti-Environment are not Just Political Stances”
    • “Related Hyperlinks” provides worldwide web links to papers, stories, and web sites mentioned in the five slide shows listed previously. It also contains links to U.S. government climate science and climate change web pages, links to private, non-profit, climate change organizations working hard to reverse the climate change trend, and several additional links of interest
  • “Featured Post” has its own section and the title and description of the current article there with its date
  • “About the Blog” describes futureofhumanity.org and its history plus the featured post “Intentional Ignorance” etc.
  • “About Ross McCluney” is self explanatory
  • “Educational Materials” has a links to and short descriptions of the “Political Aspects” and “Anti-Science” essays mentioned above plus a link to a chapter of my 2003 book Humanity’s Environmental Future, followed by a classic essay from University of Colorado physics professor Albert Barlett on “The Meaning of Sustainability.” Following that is a link to some environmental quotes for various writers and a link to a few more web sites, including Dr. James Hansen’s Columbia University Web Site. At the end is a link to a listing of a variety of interesting and useful environmental and climate web sites of interest with their links.

The last of the five slide shows in the page “McCluney 2016 Slide Shows & Links” lists the web sites of federal agencies with programs on climate change, profiles several global environmental organizations doing work on the subject, and ends with 15 slides on Citizens’ Climate Lobby and its Carbon Fee and Dividend program, which I believe to be the best first step toward a global reversal of climate change and accelerating global warming.

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